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My Advertising Pays – SCAM or LEGIT?

As someone who promotes affiliate programs, I understand the trials and tribulations of trying to find leads to pitch my offers to. I was originally introduced to My Advertising Pay by an advertisement I saw on a blog and clicked on it. It was interesting and excited with the idea that I could make money so quickly. My Advertising Pays is an online traffic exchange program. Meaning that they allows internet marketers and other businesses advertise their products and websites. In return for this free advertisements the advertiser agree to click on a set number of ads every day for a certain period of time that can vary from a few seconds to a minute.

They sell these advertisements in expensive package deals that range to around 50 dollars. The problem with this is that despite the view you will be receiving you will ultimately fail at what you want to achieve. You want to get a good client base – a good foundation on which to speak out and sell yourself and your brand. The traffic you are receiving isn’t of high quality and may or may not already be interested in your product. Not mention that they low quality traffic is costing you a pretty penny. The thing is that the focus should be centered on creating good quality advertisements. But the advertising on My Advertising Pay is only being done by My Advertising Pay and by other members. If you have a online business, a blossoming blog, a cool ebook, or product in general that you want promoted, you want to drive your advertisement efforts to a laser focused audience. An audience/ consumer that is already interested in that thing that you are selling. But the thing if you won’t find that at My Advertising Pay. What you get instead of good quality promotion is utterly horrible and random leads viewing your advertisements, and staying there out of obligation and nothing more. The point of promotion and an advertisement is to get your good or service out there in the best light. What you will get instead is people clicking on it, not viewing it, not taking in the message, not reading it, or caring. In this end this accomplishes zero for your business. You want to build desire, demand in order for people to buy. A click, even a several hundred of them do not guarantee a sale. But even knowing this, the truth is that for My Advertising Pay, this is simply not the priority. In the end this isn’t a good idea to go for a person who is trying to make sales eventually. The people who are using My Advertising Pay are the very ones who are clicking on the other advertisements to earn their commission. It’s a system that doesn’t allow it’s user to get their actual message, brand, or product out there to the larger world. The message is contained to a small group of people who don’t offer any interest in what the user is selling them in the advertisement. This style of advertising is largely ineffective because of the lack of quality and value. The idea is to bring more people in the program to continue doing the same thing. In the end, it’s not benefiting the actual customers using the program. But the people at the top benefiting from this. They keep spending and encouraging others to spend money on Credit Packs. If it sounds like a scary trap it’s because it is. It’s annoying to get out of too. If an advertisement sounds too amazing to be true, it is. It’s better to go with a simple and transparent solution than a get rich quick scheme, or a program that offers to give so much for little, to no work. Both ideas are bad and untrue. One cannot rake in money with work, nor is it likely that someone is going to be swimming in money after signing up for a program.

There is however, a profit sharing plan that you can pay for that claims that will “give” you your money back. But will it? Or will it just sink you further? While the concept of easy money is an attractive idea, there is nothing inviting or attractive about annoying people with cheesy and flashy pop up advertisements. Universally hated but still being sold as “revenue distribution advertising”

Many of the positive reviews aren’t real clients but are coming from affiliate marketers who are working to get you on their team and earn commission from you. In this way it is similar to a pyramid scheme. If you check out their infomercial, it doesn’t explain the benefits of the program, nor does it explain the quality of advertising or training. But what it does cover and emphasis is that you buy as many credit packs as you can to pay money and get as many referrals into the program.

The reason behind this is because the reality is that using the program there are only two limited ways to make money. And that is through referring people to the program for a 10% commission or by buying their credit packs to join their profit sharing plan. Supposedly doing both is supposed to increase revenue but the real driver of the program is to get you to buy more credit packs.

It not about selling advertisements, is about the consumer buying credit packs. And getting more people to join the program to do the same thing. All these programs about clicking and earning easy money are usually scams, and I would definitely put this one in that category because of this very reason. The earning potential in the end is low. And who would want to play with the odd of losing money to a scam?

My Verdict?

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