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My Lead Gen Secret – Scam or Legit?

Looking for a review of My Lead Gen Secret? You’re in the right place because I’m going to share my honest opinion on the website.

If you’re considering getting started with My Lead Gen Secret you’ll want to read this full review because I’m sharing the honest truth on what the service is, and if you should sign up it or RUN from it.

The Truth About My Lead Gen Secret

So you’re probably wondering if My Lead Gen Secret is legit?

A good place to begin would be with the creator and founder of My Lead Gen Secret.


Jim Harmon

Jim got started marketing online in the 90’s and was one of the first advertisers to use Google Adwords, thanks to a connection he had on the inside.  He was able to amass a fortune by generating leads for very low costs (pennies per lead)

As the times changed and competition grew, it became increasingly harder for Jim to generate low cost leads.  That brings us today where top marketers will easily spend $10-$100 for each and every lead generated.

The Solution

Jim started partnering with other top marketers.  They would “share” leads in a legal, permission based fashions.  This way they could split the cost of generating the leads between trusted members of their exclusive group.

Members of My Lead Gen Secret are effectively sharing $10-$100 leads for mere pennies on the dollar!

My Lead Gen Secret: Put To The Test

In order to write an honest, un-biased review of My Lead Gen Secret, it only makes sense I join the service, take the risk and report my findings!

Step 1: Join My Lead Gen Secret

The fee to join the service is $30 + a one time setup fee of $30 so a total of $60 upfront then $30 every 30 days after that.

This investment provides you with 100 leads every day that are delivered to your members area around midnight.

My Lead Gen Secret accepts Visa/MasterCard/Discover and AMEX via the gateway.

My order went through quick and I was in the backoffice within 5 minutes

Step 2: Check out the leads

After logging in to the members area I was happy to find my first set of 100 leads waiting for me.

I downloaded a copy of the leads to my computer and opened the .xls file in Excel.  Note: You don’t have to download them if you don’t want to.

After downloading the leads I was able to sort them by their optin date.  I was initially worried that the optin dates would all be all old.. REALLY old.. I was pleasantly surprised to see optin dates all within the last 72 hours.

Step 3: Mail the leads

After inspecting the leads I went back into My Lead Gen Secret backoffice to check out the mailer.  I am quite familiar with Get Response, Aweber & Mailchimp and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the mailers capabilities!

I queued up a proven swipe that is converting at 5% on my solo ad campaigns and popped it into the mailer.

I sent the mailing to my 100 leads and ran to the bank to deposit some checks.

When I came back I already had 45 opens, 33 clicks, 19 optins and 2 sales!  This was all in under 2 hours.

So My Lead Gen Secret Is Legit?

Yes.  They are 100% Legit.  Jim Harmon has put together an amazing advertising package, that even the beginner marketer can afford.  The leads have been coming in like clockwork.  Even though these are “shared” leads, they are converting higher for me than any other lead source I’m using.

I have had a couple encounters with support and they were always super helpful and friendly.   I have also conversed with quite a few members of the service and have yet to run into a member that is not happy with their results.

Final Thoughts For My Lead Gen Secret

The leads are cheap, but convert at very high rates.  The support is great and I have even had the pleasure of speaking with Jim Harmon on a skype call for about 20 mintues, which I very much appreciate.

My Lead Gen Secret will be the program to watch in 2018.  You heard it here first!




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