My Lead Gen Secret – Scam or Legit?

Looking for a review of My Lead Gen Secret? You’re in the right place because I’m going to share my honest opinion on the website.

If you’re considering getting started with My Lead Gen Secret you’ll want to read this full review because I’m sharing the honest truth on what the service is, and if you should sign up it or RUN from it.

The Truth About My Lead Gen Secret

So you’re probably wondering if My Lead Gen Secret is legit?

A good place to begin would be with the creator and founder of My Lead Gen Secret.


Jim Harmon

Jim got started marketing online in the 90’s and was one of the first advertisers to use Google Adwords, thanks to a connection he had on the inside.  He was able to amass a fortune by generating leads for very low costs (pennies per lead)

As the times changed and competition grew, it became increasingly harder for Jim to generate low cost leads.  That brings us today where top marketers will easily spend $10-$100 for each and every lead generated.

The Solution

Jim started partnering with other top marketers.  They would “share” leads in a legal, permission based fashions.  This way they could split the cost of generating the leads between trusted members of their exclusive group.

Members of My Lead Gen Secret are effectively sharing $10-$100 leads for mere pennies on the dollar!

My Lead Gen Secret: Put To The Test

In order to write an honest, un-biased review of My Lead Gen Secret, it only makes sense I join the service, take the risk and report my findings!

Step 1: Join My Lead Gen Secret

The fee to join the service is $30 + a one time setup fee of $30 so a total of $60 upfront then $30 every 30 days after that.

This investment provides you with 100 leads every day that are delivered to your members area around midnight.

My Lead Gen Secret accepts Visa/MasterCard/Discover and AMEX via the gateway.

My order went through quick and I was in the backoffice within 5 minutes

Step 2: Check out the leads

After logging in to the members area I was happy to find my first set of 100 leads waiting for me.

I downloaded a copy of the leads to my computer and opened the .xls file in Excel.  Note: You don’t have to download them if you don’t want to.

After downloading the leads I was able to sort them by their optin date.  I was initially worried that the optin dates would all be all old.. REALLY old.. I was pleasantly surprised to see optin dates all within the last 72 hours.

Step 3: Mail the leads

After inspecting the leads I went back into My Lead Gen Secret backoffice to check out the mailer.  I am quite familiar with Get Response, Aweber & Mailchimp and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the mailers capabilities!

I queued up a proven swipe that is converting at 5% on my solo ad campaigns and popped it into the mailer.

I sent the mailing to my 100 leads and ran to the bank to deposit some checks.

When I came back I already had 45 opens, 33 clicks, 19 optins and 2 sales!  This was all in under 2 hours.

So My Lead Gen Secret Is Legit?

Yes.  They are 100% Legit.  Jim Harmon has put together an amazing advertising package, that even the beginner marketer can afford.  The leads have been coming in like clockwork.  Even though these are “shared” leads, they are converting higher for me than any other lead source I’m using.

I have had a couple encounters with support and they were always super helpful and friendly.   I have also conversed with quite a few members of the service and have yet to run into a member that is not happy with their results.

Final Thoughts For My Lead Gen Secret

The leads are cheap, but convert at very high rates.  The support is great and I have even had the pleasure of speaking with Jim Harmon on a skype call for about 20 mintues, which I very much appreciate.

My Lead Gen Secret will be the program to watch in 2018.  You heard it here first!




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Newspapers Alive Scam? Scam Buster Dude Speaks.

Now I’ll be honest.  I was shocked when I first watched the Newspapers Alive sales video.  I mean, every once and awhile a new ad site comes out with a semi-original spin to it, but Newspapers Alive is by FAR the most unique concept I’ve seen online to date.


But I tried to not get “too” excited.  Unique ideas that don’t deliver results just won’t cut it.  So although definitely intrigued, I stepped forward with caution.


In the 2 minute sales video you get a very clear understanding of how this baby works.  


You choose your package level.  They offer 3 packages with 3 price points.  The first package (package 1) gets you 200-250 newspaper visitors each day for $60/month.  Package 2 gets you 450-550 newspapers visitors each day for $125/month.  And package 3 gets you 1800-2200 newspaper visitors each day for $399/month.  Package 3 was sold out at the time, so I went with package 2 for $125/month.  The reason I went with package 2 instead of 1 was because of their “double money back guarantee” which reads:


DOUBLE Money Back Guarantee!


We are so confident in our ability to scale our newspaper traffic campaign, we assure the unique visitor minimum will be EXCEEDED daily for all 3 packages.


If we are unable to fulfill our promise during your current month of advertising, we will promptly issue a full refund upon request. In ADDITION we will send a certified bank draft of an ADDITIONAL months fees to you via FedEx Next Flight® Yep, we are that confident in the high conversion rates and deliverability of our newspaper traffic. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain (even double your money back.)


*If we are not able to supply your offer page with the amount of traffic promised within each 24 hour period, you will receive twice the amount of that months membership fee back to you, with two exceptions. Exception 1: defined as server outage/downtime, dns issue or software error. Exception 2: defined as first and last day of service. Quota per day is determined in full 24 hour intervals therefore traffic may be lower on first and last day of service. Funds will be provided via original payment method and Bank Draft (including FedEx Next Flight® shipping)


My main concern was their ability to “deliver” the rather large amount of guaranteed newspaper visitors to my offer page, and a bold guarantee like this was just too tempting to not take them up on.  


Once in the members area they have a great “getting started” video that explains in detail exactly how they run their newspaper traffic campaign.


– They have 128 domains targeted to the home biz/biz opp niche they use in the newspaper ads.  So if you’re wondering if YOUR ACTUAL urls get printed in the newspapers, they don’t.  For a co-op style newspaper campaign like this to function on such a large level it makes sense they would have generic biz opp sounding domains that get printed in the newspapers, and use those domains to rotate the traffic among the members offer pages.


– There are 10 “zones for circulation”  You get to pick 3 at a time and can change them in or out once every 7 days.  Here is a breakdown of which states are included in each zone:


Zone 1 (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont)

Zone 2 (New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands)

Zone 3 (Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia)

Zone 4 (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and

Zone 5 (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin)

Zone 6 (Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas)

Zone 7 (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska)

Zone 8 (Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming)

Zone 9 (Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and Pacific Islands)

Zone 10 (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington)


The system automatically selected 3 zones for me when I created my account, based on the overall campaigns availability.


The 3 I got were:


Zone 2 (New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands)

Zone 4 (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and

Zone 9 (Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and Pacific Islands)


Although allowed, I saw no reason to change them right away.  I’d test out these 3 for at least a week before making any changes.


So, according to the sales video: Step 1 was to select your package and join, Step 2 was to select your zones for circulation (above) so I was on to step 3: Edit my offer page.


Your offer page is what the newspaper alive visitors from within your 3 selected zones see once they load the domain (rotator URL) they see in the newspapers.  You can edit this easily with their web based platform.  I simply copied my top converting squeeze page swipe from Getresponse and imported the html into the offer page via the editor.  


Step 4 is to track your results.  They offer quite detailed statistics on which zones are providing you how much traffic, and even which towns, cities and states each visitor is from.  They graph traffic from your 3 zones together to give you a nice visual depiction of your campaign.  


One thing I found especially interesting is the concept of “hot spot zones”  The stats are provided to you in 2 forms: plot point and line graph.  You can identify “hot spot zones” by simply “noting” which of your current 3 zones deliver the most visitors each day.  The hotspot zones show a higher interest level from the newspaper readers based on the higher frequency they visit the domain name they read in the newspaper.  You don’t have to print off the stats and circle the hotspot zones like the training video suggests.  I simply noted them in a notepad file over the course of a few zone changes and that did the trick.  So once you have hotspot zones identified, what you need to do is use your “hotspot” zones to influence your next zone for circulation change.


It may sound a bit confusing, but really the concept is quite simple.  Over the course of 4 zone for circulation changes I was able to identify 3 hot spot zones that I currently have selected today.  I noticed my conversions increased approximately 30% once I tested and implemented this strategy.


So I guess I blew it with that last line and gave away the fact that I am definitely making a profit with Newspapers Alive and no, good grief no, they are not a scam.


Lets recap what I found:


  1. The service was easy to join, there is about 30 minutes of training videos in the backoffice that more than adequately help you get up and running in no time.
  2. After you join, you choose your zones for circulation or go with their picks.  You have the option to identify hotspot zones to further improve your results.  
  3. The tracking system they have in place is excellent.  You can see how many visitors you are getting from each zone and where each visitor is from.  The line chart graphs give you an amazing visual depiction of how your campaign is running.
  4. Of the 2 encounters I had with support, they have been extremely knowledgeable and responsive.  
  5. Not taking into consideration my first day of server, Newspapers Alive has been able to successfully meet my quota for newpaper visitors in the range of 450-550.  Most days its 500+
  6. The CTR rates on my offer page have been outstanding vs other marketing methods in my arsenal.  On my best day (after identifying and using hotspot zones) I have just over 50% of the people that visited my offer page click through on my primary offer link.  So no, I did not have to call them on their “double money back guarantee” as they are fully delivering on their promise.
  7. The tracking system they have in place is excellent.  You can see how many visitors you are getting from each zone and where each visitor is from.  The line chart graphs give you an amazing visual depiction of how your campaign is running.


The bottom line is I am making a profit by using this service so I will keep using them until the former is not the case.


Conclusion, Newspapers Alive is about as legit as they come and you’d be literally leaving money on the table by not using them.  Plain and simple.


Scam Buster Dude has spoken.


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My Advertising Pays – SCAM or LEGIT?

As someone who promotes affiliate programs, I understand the trials and tribulations of trying to find leads to pitch my offers to. I was originally introduced to My Advertising Pay by an advertisement I saw on a blog and clicked on it. It was interesting and excited with the idea that I could make money so quickly. My Advertising Pays is an online traffic exchange program. Meaning that they allows internet marketers and other businesses advertise their products and websites. In return for this free advertisements the advertiser agree to click on a set number of ads every day for a certain period of time that can vary from a few seconds to a minute.

They sell these advertisements in expensive package deals that range to around 50 dollars. The problem with this is that despite the view you will be receiving you will ultimately fail at what you want to achieve. You want to get a good client base – a good foundation on which to speak out and sell yourself and your brand. The traffic you are receiving isn’t of high quality and may or may not already be interested in your product. Not mention that they low quality traffic is costing you a pretty penny. The thing is that the focus should be centered on creating good quality advertisements. But the advertising on My Advertising Pay is only being done by My Advertising Pay and by other members. If you have a online business, a blossoming blog, a cool ebook, or product in general that you want promoted, you want to drive your advertisement efforts to a laser focused audience. An audience/ consumer that is already interested in that thing that you are selling. But the thing if you won’t find that at My Advertising Pay. What you get instead of good quality promotion is utterly horrible and random leads viewing your advertisements, and staying there out of obligation and nothing more. The point of promotion and an advertisement is to get your good or service out there in the best light. What you will get instead is people clicking on it, not viewing it, not taking in the message, not reading it, or caring. In this end this accomplishes zero for your business. You want to build desire, demand in order for people to buy. A click, even a several hundred of them do not guarantee a sale. But even knowing this, the truth is that for My Advertising Pay, this is simply not the priority. In the end this isn’t a good idea to go for a person who is trying to make sales eventually. The people who are using My Advertising Pay are the very ones who are clicking on the other advertisements to earn their commission. It’s a system that doesn’t allow it’s user to get their actual message, brand, or product out there to the larger world. The message is contained to a small group of people who don’t offer any interest in what the user is selling them in the advertisement. This style of advertising is largely ineffective because of the lack of quality and value. The idea is to bring more people in the program to continue doing the same thing. In the end, it’s not benefiting the actual customers using the program. But the people at the top benefiting from this. They keep spending and encouraging others to spend money on Credit Packs. If it sounds like a scary trap it’s because it is. It’s annoying to get out of too. If an advertisement sounds too amazing to be true, it is. It’s better to go with a simple and transparent solution than a get rich quick scheme, or a program that offers to give so much for little, to no work. Both ideas are bad and untrue. One cannot rake in money with work, nor is it likely that someone is going to be swimming in money after signing up for a program.

There is however, a profit sharing plan that you can pay for that claims that will “give” you your money back. But will it? Or will it just sink you further? While the concept of easy money is an attractive idea, there is nothing inviting or attractive about annoying people with cheesy and flashy pop up advertisements. Universally hated but still being sold as “revenue distribution advertising”

Many of the positive reviews aren’t real clients but are coming from affiliate marketers who are working to get you on their team and earn commission from you. In this way it is similar to a pyramid scheme. If you check out their infomercial, it doesn’t explain the benefits of the program, nor does it explain the quality of advertising or training. But what it does cover and emphasis is that you buy as many credit packs as you can to pay money and get as many referrals into the program.

The reason behind this is because the reality is that using the program there are only two limited ways to make money. And that is through referring people to the program for a 10% commission or by buying their credit packs to join their profit sharing plan. Supposedly doing both is supposed to increase revenue but the real driver of the program is to get you to buy more credit packs.

It not about selling advertisements, is about the consumer buying credit packs. And getting more people to join the program to do the same thing. All these programs about clicking and earning easy money are usually scams, and I would definitely put this one in that category because of this very reason. The earning potential in the end is low. And who would want to play with the odd of losing money to a scam?

My Verdict?

scam thumbs

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Organic Prospects Review – Is It REALLY That Great?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve heard about Organic Prospects and you’re trying to talk yourself out of signing up. You probably want to figure out whats wrong with it, where the hole in their concept is, or why it might not work out for you. If you’re reading this and you don’t know about Organic Prospects already, STOP.

Go to Read, watch, listen. (no affiliate link as this is an unbiased review)

Now that you’ve got the basic idea (or perhaps you’ve decided to wait until later to check it out) let me recap.

Organic Prospects is an organization started by Greg Stinton and Aaron Warner. Two online marketing gurus who have done it all in the online marking word. Google Adwords, affiliate advertising, pay per click advertising, and every other marketing trend that has come and gone since 2003. From what I know, Greg and Aaron are awesome guys who know everything there is to know about the Marketing World. With all of that knowledge, they decided to create Organic Prospects: a system that would connect businesses with the prospects that would be most genuinely interested.

Organic Prospects uses a four step system for each and every one of their clients using technology that no other marketing business is using. They acquire, grade, filter, and distribute 70 prospects a day to you, each any every day.  They select the best prospects they can find on social media sites using their acquisition campaigns, then they rate them from 0% to 100%, and filter out the prospects graded between 0 and 75%.

Got it? Good.

How Much Does It Cost?

Organic Prospects is one of the most inexpensive marketing tools I’ve ever used, and I’ve used a lot. I know a lot of people are going to complain regardless (because nobody wants to pay for their success, sigh), but when I get to how it’s worked for me a little later, you won’t have any hesitation about it.

Organic Prospects is $29.95 per month after a $30 sign up fee, which goes toward the initial sign up process where they get to know your business and your needs.

$30 is less than most people pay in a month for coffee. If you hit the coffee shop twice a week at about $5 per visit, that’s $40 a month.  If you’re not a coffee person, that’s two trips to the local pub for a couple of beers, or two trips to your favorite cheap lunch spot.

For me personally, I made back that $30 with my first prospect that went to my site and made a purchase. I guess it depends on your type of business,  but for me I could tell that the prospects I was getting were genuinely interested.

How Is The User Experience?

Another important thing beyond effectiveness and Organic Prospect’s  proprietary system; the user experience. Setup was pretty easy; it didn’t take too long. I was able to make sure that my prospects would be custom fit to my business. From there, I got my first list of prospects quickly and spent some time playing with the Organic Mailer. You can either download your list of prospects and email them on your own, with or without a third party mailer. I’ve used some third party mailers before, and I was happy enough with the Organic Mailer that I didn’t feel like I needed to go and subscribe to something else. It does what it needs to do and then some; you get to see who is viewing your email and plenty of other data that lets you figure out if you’re doing the best you can do with your mailings.

Overall, this system is easy to use, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. Sure, you still need to put in a bit of effort, but its ultimately very easy.

My Experience

I’ve been at it for a couple months now, and I’ve been getting conversions more than any other marketing tool in this price range. It would be so worth it to get more prospects from this company, based on the quality and response level alone. Its going to be pretty different for every type of business, but from my experience, they do a fantastic job matching each of their members with prospects that have that genuine interest that makes a perfect match for any profitable business.

Every month, my membership is paid for within the first two days. That might not be the case for everyone, but at a cost of essentially $1 per day, most businesses should be able to pay for this with ease if their account is set up right and they do the work of sending out mailings.

Customer Support

Customer support is pretty good with Organic Prospects. Its easy to open a ticket or view FAQs to solve your own problem. They are really responsive, and the customer support agents know the product quite well.

Should You Sign up?

If you have a home business, e-Commerce site, or other online business, the clear answer is “yes”. If you can get motivated to do the work with producing mailers, that’s all you need to do. For me, this is a supplement to other marketing products, but could be a great system on its own. I would suggest that if you’re inexperienced writing your own mailers that a copy writer might be a good idea, but other than that, if you’re active in building your online reputation and presence, you really don’t need anything else.

Again, this is an unbiased review.  I’m not just hyping them up to make a dinky commission from you.  This is a legit review so join them if you like  And if you don’t, so be it but ultimately your loss.  You’re leaving money on the table. Organic Prospects is definitely not a scam.





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